EVERY WALL WAS PRESSED INTO SERVICE. Photography by David Goldblatt, Ernest Cole, Billy Monk, and Alessandro Pessoli, while works by Trisha Donnelly and Ben Kimmont had scattered and you had to find them. Modernity took up a wing, a gallery given to Garry Winogrand. An occult buzz emanated continuously from where the Alvord Lake Bridge was hung. Paul Klee's Circus came out to say good bye, as did the drawings of architect Lebbeus Woods. The foyer too was a gallery, incl. by an Ignacio “Notch” Gonzales hot rod (Top Notch Kustoms).  | THURSDAY |  Makers and artists were on hand to chronicle the local multimedia community in a collaboration w/ radio producers The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson & Nikki Silva), in a live program on the art, creativity and innovations going on in backyards, workplaces, cultural institutions, and public spaces in the Bay Area. Culinary arts was represented on: how to make (a) cheese - Peggy Smith & Maureen Cunnie, Cowgirl Creamery, (b)  chocolate - Zohara Mapes, Shiao Williams-Sheng, TCHO Chocolate, or (c) kimchi - SunHui Chang, & Ellen  Chang, FuseBOX. The kickoff party was held in the rooftop pavilion, a campsite (Alite Designs) and a nearby pizza truck (Del Popolo) helped to keep things warm.  | FRIDAY |  Screenings (Roxie Theatre) of two documentaries: Morning of the Earth, a classic on surfing w/ Danny Hess & Jay Nelson, and Community Action Center, from lesbian utopian porn filmmakers A.K. Burns & A.L. Steiner.  | SATURDAY |  Nonstop variety shows happening simultaneously. Musician Penelope Houston performed, archivist Rick Prelinger spoke. There was a 24-hour screening of Christian Marcla's 2010 The Clock, and due to popularity repeated on Sunday. Final consensus on best time to get in w/out wait was Sunday 4 to 5am. Food trucks again lined Third Street.  | SUNDAY |  Another nonstop art variety show before SFMoMA director Neal Benezra officially gives Closing Remarks at 5pm.